Update on the Woodhouse Eaves Scout Hut

The Woodhouse Eaves Scout Hut, a much-anticipated project supported by the Shanly Foundation, is rapidly taking shape as construction nears completion. After winning the national Shanly Foundation Scouts competition in 2016, the Foundation pledged its financial support to bring this vital community project to life. Now, with just a few short weeks remaining, the future of scouting in Woodhouse Eaves is looking brighter than ever.
Since its inception, the Shanly Foundation has been committed to empowering local communities by investing in projects that promote learning, development, and community spirit. The Woodhouse Eaves Scout Hut is a testament to this commitment, providing a dedicated space for young scouts to learn, grow, and thrive.
Over the past few months, construction efforts have been in full swing, and the results are remarkable. The Woodhouse Eaves Scout Hut is taking shape with its sturdy foundations, solid framework, and carefully designed features.
The new Scout Hut is set to provide a safe and inspiring environment for young scouts to participate in a wide range of activities. Equipped with modern amenities and multipurpose spaces, the facility will cater to the diverse needs of the scouting community, including training sessions, group meetings, and various outdoor adventures.
“We are thrilled to see the progress made on the Woodhouse Eaves Scout Hut,” said Clare Junak, Awards Officer of the Shanly Foundation. “It has been a remarkable journey, and we are honoured to be part of this project that will positively impact the lives of young scouts in the Woodhouse Eaves area for years to come.”
With the project progressing on schedule, the completion of the Woodhouse Eaves Scout Hut is expected by early July. The final phase of construction will involve the installation of essential utilities, interior finishes, and the addition of functional spaces tailored to the specific needs of scouting activities.

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