Supporting literacy programme for struggling children

TLG, a charity in Reading, is to receive a £10,000 grant from the Shanly Foundation to help deliver a literacy programme for struggling and disadvantaged children. The grant will be used to facilitate mentoring sessions with students most in need of support with their reading and writing, enabling them to regain confidence in their academic ability.
The grant will also go towards the refurbishment of TLG’s premises in Calcot to create more space for teachers to spend with students for one-to-one tutoring sessions. TLG, which stands for Transforming Lives for Good, works with churches up and down the country to help children and families who face difficult circumstances and may be feeling disadvantaged or excluded from school.
Steph Walker from TLG says: “It’s our main aim to ensure that children’s lives do not end the way they statistically should when they have been exposed to something like a family breakdown, bereavement, poverty or bullying. Working with schools and church partners we intervene at an early stage in the child’s development to help them find a better future.
“At Calcot in Reading we are delivering a literacy programme for students in the local community in need of some extra help. We are extremely grateful for the Shanly Foundation’s donation which is enabling us to carry out this work.”
TLG was founded in Bradford over 20 years ago, when a real need was identified to help disadvantaged children who had been excluded from school with nowhere to go. It now operates at 13 education centres and 100 church partnerships across the UK.

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