New female accommodation at Ley Community rehabilitation centre

The Shanly Foundation has donated £12,000 to The Ley Community, a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre based in Yarnton in Oxfordshire, to fund new accommodation for females on treatment programmes.
The donation will provide three dedicated beds for women and improved self-contained facilities, giving residents a greater sense of ownership, togetherness and security. This will include space for therapeutic work and visits from family and children.    
Since the Ley Community was founded in 1971 by psychiatrists Dr. Bertram Mandlebrote and Dr. Peter Agulnik, the centre has helped more than 3,000 individuals recover from substance addiction. One of the last therapeutic communities in the UK, the centre has a unique record of ensuring every resident leaves the Ley with meaningful employment and a safe place to live.
Residential treatment programmes are founded on the long established ‘therapeutic community’ model which is underpinned by the proven principles of mutual aid. The centre offers a 26-week main programme, with up to two-years aftercare also available. All residents experience voluntary work placements, before securing full-time employment and moving out into independent living.  
Darren Worthington, CEO at The Ley Community said: “We are incredibly grateful for the Shanly Foundation’s donation. We recognise that women often struggle to access and engage in the treatment they need due to past and current issues, particularly where they have experienced severe trauma. This dedicated unit will provide them with a safe option that dovetails perfectly with the successful work we do in the broader programme.”

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