Maidenhead Library’s 50th Anniversary

Last week, the Shanly Foundation proudly extended its support to the 50th-anniversary celebrations of Maidenhead Library. As an organisation committed to promoting community welfare and cultural enrichment, we were delighted to be part of the memorable events that commemorated the library’s profound impact on the community over the past five decades.
Throughout the week, the library hosted four exhibitions that offered visitors a glimpse into its rich history. One showcased old photos, facts, and memorabilia, allowing patrons to explore the building’s journey through time. Another display featured artwork by an autism group that meets regularly at the library.
For book enthusiasts, a fascinating exhibition presented bestselling books since 1973, taking readers on a literary journey through time. In addition, fans of the Wombles enjoyed a special exhibition celebrating 50 years since their first TV appearance.
The festivities catered to a variety of age groups, offering an array of engaging activities. For adults, there were captivating talks by esteemed authors including Gill Hornby and Robert Thorogood. Children enjoyed workshops by renowned children’s writing duo Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler, along with a delightful story-time and crafts session.
Supporting Maidenhead Library’s 50th anniversary aligns perfectly with the core values of the Shanly Foundation. We believe in fostering strong and vibrant communities, and libraries play an essential role in this mission. Councillor Joshua Reynolds, Cabinet member for communities and leisure, said: “Our libraries are at the heart of the community in the Royal Borough, bringing together residents from across our community to places where they are able to benefit from a lot that the council has to offer.”
For more information please click here to be directed to Maidenhead Library’s website.

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