4th Dunstable (57th Beds) Scout Group

We are very pleased to be supporting 4th Dunstable (57th Beds) Scout Group in their efforts to lay down the drive and pathway access for their recently renovated scout hut.
The 4th Dunstable (57th Beds) Scout Group recently underwent extensive renovations to their scout hut to better cater to the needs of the growing community. The previous scout hut, which had served as a gathering place for countless scouting activities, was in dire need of repair and refurbishment. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the scouts, parents, and volunteers, the building has undergone a remarkable transformation. The refurbished hut now offers enhanced facilities, increased space, and improved safety measures, promising a welcoming space for scouts of all ages.
However, completing the renovations requires the construction of a suitable drive and pathway access to the newly rebuilt scout hut. This aspect of the project ensures that the facility is easily accessible for individuals of all abilities, including those with mobility challenges. Recognizing the significance of this, the Shanly Foundation has stepped in to provide the necessary funds to complete the drive and pathway access.
The Shanly Foundation remains committed to supporting organisations that enhance the well-being and growth of communities. By actively investing in projects like the renovation of the 4th Dunstable (57th Beds) Scout Group’s scout hut, the foundation continues to uphold its mission of fostering positive change and improving the quality of life for individuals throughout the region.

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