We are proud to have partnered for the first time with Volunteer It Yourself (VIY) on their project ‘Renovating Amber Foundation’ in Surrey.

VIY worked alongside Amber Foundation to transform an overgrown outdoor area into a useable space. They also focused on temporary housing for young people by renovating parts of the buildings.

Old structures and disused outbuildings were converted and transformed to create dedicated health, wellbeing and therapy spaces.

VIY also designed and installed new roofing across three stables, transforming them into rooms for learning.

As Amber Foundation work as a charity to support young people at risk of homelessness, this project has had a phenomenal impact on the people involved. Thirty-three young people were supported in construction skills training, and 35 City and Guilds trade skills accreditations were gained in Carpentry, Health and Safety, and Painting and Decorating.

Find out more about both Amber Foundation, and VIY.

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