The Tall Ships Youth Trust Charity

We are thrilled to be supporting the Tall Ships Youth Trust charity, furthering their commitment to youth development through outdoor learning.

Tall Ships offers life-changing experiences to young individuals through sailing. Their programs and voyages on tall ships provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills, while fostering an appreciation for the marine environment.

Working as a team onboard vessels, young people have the freedom to explore unchartered possibilities and forge new alliances. Tall Ships encourage the young people that sail with them to return and train as a volunteer, giving them the opportunity to support others and work towards a career in the maritime sector.

From 1956, Tall Ships has enabled more than 120,000 young people to experience a transformational voyage with 95% returning home with increased confidence and self-esteem. The Shanly Foundation’s dedication to youth development aligns perfectly with the Tall Ships’ mission. Through our collaboration, the Shanly Foundation and Tall Ships aim to inspire young individuals, expand their horizons, and foster personal growth. Together, we will work towards empowering the next generation of leaders, adventurers, and maritime enthusiasts.

To join us in supporting such important work, please click here to be redirected to Tall Ships’ website.

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