The Reading List Foundation

We are thrilled to be supporting the Reading List Foundation, a charity that helps exceptional year 13 students from lower-income families succeed at university, by paying for their first-year textbooks.
The Reading List Foundation’s scholarships are for £250 and are delivered through secondary state schools. It’s RLF’s long-term aim to offer a scholarship every state secondary school/collage in the country, so that everyone gets the opportunity to have their first-year university text-books paid for.
Two in five undergraduates in England from lower-income households have had to cut back on textbooks because of financial pressures; RLF believes that textbooks should not be a luxury and those who had a free university education should give back to students who nowadays accumulate average of debts of £44,000 and rising.
87% of students said the scholarship made a ‘very big’ or ‘fairly big’ difference to their first year at university.
To donate, either through funding a whole scholarship or buying a book, please click here.

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