Supporting the Juno Project

We are proud to be supporting the Juno Project, a charity that empowers vulnerable teenage girls to achieve their goals in spite of their challenges. Their program, “This Is Me”, lasts 8-12 weeks and focuses on three elements:

The relationships they have with themselves.
The relationships they have with others.
Employability skills.

In small groups, the girls share their experiences and, in conjunction with a trained facilitator, develop positive strategies to use their skills and move forwards from any challenges. The Juno project then pairs them with a mentor at the end of the year 11 program, who supports them for the next 2 years, helping them through their transition from school to college, an apprenticeship, or a job.
At the time of writing, the Juno Project has supported over 200 girls, with 90% reporting that their confidence has improved and 85% seeing an improvement in engagement at school.
Our support will go towards introducing The Juno Project’s new program, Horizons, which supports disadvantaged girls in year 6 in their transition from primary to secondary school. Horizons also offers the youngsters a chance to be mentored by year 10 girls that the Juno Project have worked with in the new secondary school, enabling the older students to give back.
If you would like to donate to support the Juno Project, please follow this link:

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