Creating Smiles with RAFT

Approximately 60,000 craniofacial reconstruction surgeries are carried out in the UK each year. New technology being developed by Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT) will transform current treatment for children and adults, making surgery safer, less painful and more effective for thousands of patients.
Using the latest 3D printing technology to create custom-fit implants for facial and neck, reconstruction surgery will transform treatment for patients undergoing facial reconstruction procedures. The Shanly Foundation is proud to have supported this campaign which will enable RAFT to help more people who have been severely affected by trauma and disease.
“For most parents there’s nothing sweeter than seeing their son or daughter smile; but for children born with jaw abnormalities or who have been involved in serious accidents, a smile is impossible. Our 3D Facial project will allow a child’s facial bones to regrow, giving the face natural features and movement and meaning the patient no longer has to undergo multiple operations until they stop growing,”
Dr Elena Garcia, RAFT 3D Facial Reconstruction Research Scientist

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