Children’s Hospital Pyjamas

We are very proud to announce the Foundation’s renewed support for the Children’s Hospital Pyjamas charity. With demand for pyjamas surpassing available resources, the Shanly Foundation has pledged to bridge the shortfall and provide much-needed assistance.
In 2022, the Children’s Hospital Pyjamas charity successfully donated an impressive 21,057 pairs of pyjamas, bringing comfort to thousands of poorly children in hospitals, hospices and women’s refuges. However, the growing need for these vital garments has presented a challenge, as demand now exceeds the supply of donated pyjamas.
The Shanly Foundation understands the profound impact that seemingly small gestures can have on children’s lives. Pyjamas play a crucial role in enhancing the hospital experience for young patients, providing a sense of security and familiarity during challenging times. As such, the Shanly Foundation recognises the significance of addressing the growing shortfall in pyjama donations.
To tackle this issue head-on, the Shanly Foundation has pledged funding to the Children’s Hospital Pyjamas charity. This financial support will enable the charity to purchase the necessary pyjamas, ensuring that every child in need receives a fresh pair to call their own. By working together, the Foundation and the charity aim to deliver comfort, support, and a touch of normalcy to those who need it most.
For more information please click here to be redirected to their website.

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